She is his dream woman and the start of his worst nightmare…

Multi-phobic Linus has never been big on courage. It’s why he loves his job in the library. No noise, no shouting, no stress. The only flaw: no chance he'll ever catch the attention of his dream woman, art student and book lover Melba from Italy.

But what could possibly go wrong if he only pretends to be a hero? An awful lot. He could, for example, be framed for a crime he didn’t commit. So not good for a boyfriend CV.

As Linus fights to clear his name, every thread leads back to his dream woman. What if she only pretends to be a good girl?

Can Linus find the courage to clear his name, unmask the real culprit, and get his happily-ever-after? Or will someone close the book on romance and him for good?

If you enjoy a perfect mix of humor, romance, and mystery, and if you like to see an underdog succeed, you will love this unique romantic comedy mystery.

A clean cozy romantic comedy mystery. No graphic violence, sex, or strong language.


How did the book come about?

It all started when I entered an online writing contest on the topic ‘HEROIC’.​​ The first sentence that​​ came into my head​​ was ‘I was a coward if ever there was one’​​(naturally—given the topic…)

I wrote a story about a librarian who inadvertently becomes a hero when he runs to save a precious book from being squashed​​ by the voluptuous body of his boss, Miss Winkelmeyer,​​ tumbling down from the mezzanine above. He​​ ends up breaking her fall and saves​​ her.

The story won first place.​​

Since I had so much fun with the first story, I wrote a follow-up in which hilarious things happen when Linus receives a letter. Apart from comments like ‘I want to hug Linus!’, readers on the online writers’ group wanted to know what was in the letter.

And so it started…

Since then, the story has grown and taken a completely different route. But one thing remained: Linus is a lovable, fun-filled character that will have you​​ smiling, laughing out loud, and feeling good.

You won’t want to miss reading this​​ hilarious​​ book.

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