Soooo easy! – What, web design?

It’s super easy!

What is? Website design—supposedly.​​ 

Maybe it’s just me, but it gave me the headache of all headaches and several meltdowns which made me feel stupid and oh so​​ ancient. After all, kids have blogs, kids have websites, kids know how to do this.


I told myself, one step at a time. First step, find a webhost. Whoa! There are zillions. After a lot of research where I pretended I understood all the reviewers, I finally settled on one. Two options, pay by credit card or pay via paypal. Hey, I’ll do paypal.​​ 

Suddenly the screen changes from the 3-year special offer to a two year offer. I click it, thinking it’s a mistake in the paypal system.​​ 

It isn’t.

Welcome to the support center. Oodles of emails and hours of live chat.​​ 

One says, just enter your credit card details and we’ll top up. The other says, no, you have to start from scratch and use a credit card. I listened to the latter, which gave me a chance to​​ tweak the domain name a little.​​ 

Now I have two domains and am fighting to get one cancelled and my money back…

Finally, I was past this step and ready to design my website. (Scratching the head), CPanel or the drop and drag function?​​ 


More research.

People in the know—which didn’t include me—all said CPanel, so, click, off we go.​​ 


I’m always one for learning from books or tutorials, so I found this YouTube video, about how ​​ to design your website. It’s over an hour​​ long long, and I had some confidence in it, since the narrator kept stressing how ‘super easy’ it was.​​ 

After several hours I was through fourteen minutes of the tutorial, had several melt-downs, and was ready to chuck the computer through the window. The program must’ve been updated, because my menu options didn’t match their screen early on.

I forced myself to wrangle through the rest of the tutorial and eventually got something together resembling a website. It still wasn’t doing what I wanted it to, and when I went​​ on the net looking for answers, I ended up with more questions than before. ‘Just enter this code.’—‘Thanks so much, that did it!’—enter the code where exactly??? ​​ Ok, did it, nothing has changed!

Now, several days later, I finally know that a widget is​​ not a female midget, and that plug-ins are the best thing since baked bread, sliced or otherwise.​​ 

I still have a lot to figure out, but I’m getting there. And I’m almost starting to enjoy the journey. There was probably an easier way to do this. Lucky me,​​ I didn’t see it. Well done, if you have.

If you’re at the hair-pulling, neck-wringing (‘super easy’ narrator in the video), computer-chucking stage, take heart. It does get easier, and after a while you can even almost understand the web language which seems to consist mainly of capital letters stringed together.

Keep telling yourself, millions of kids know how (same with the Chinese language), so how hard can it be? Don’t give up, and you’ll get there in time. If not, make sure you contact a web designer​​ soon.

According to one source, they are a dying breed, because it’s ‘SO EASY TO DO IT YOURSELF’.

Everything is, when you know how.


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